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Without happy customers, we don't have a business

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‍‍‍Part Time Admin

"Kick start your business on Salesforce"‍‍‍‍‍‍

Receive all the value of having a full-time, experienced, Salesforce administrator on staff - for a fraction of the price!

We will design a custom strategy by identifying key business needs to ensure your organization can hit the ground running with maximum value.‍‍‍

Receive Strategic Gui‍‍‍dance!

Need a specific project or initiative completed? Just need to get more out of Salesforce? You've found the right partner to help transform your organization!

‍‍‍Looking for better ways to use Salesforce or train an internal team member?  We ‍‍‍can walk you or your team members through mastering the Salesforce platform!

‍‍‍Train a‍‍‍‍‍‍ Sales‍‍‍force Admin!





Office Hours:  Mon - Fri: Available!

Email: Mitch@UpNorthSoftware.com

Phone: 612-367-7872

"Your Small Business SalesForce Partner"